Actividades OQS 001

In SOE we believe that photography is an effective communication tool for blind and visually impaired people given that photography allows them to be seen and heard. We have used and developed the potential of photography as a vehicle of self- knowledge to break our own limits and open new possibilities of thought.


The sensory photography workshop is the beginning of the training process received by participants as part of the education model developed by SOE, focused on professional psycho-emotional and technical issues that help people with visual disabilities to rediscover and strengthen skills, abilities and talents, fostering their personal and professional development.


The theoretical-practical course is focused on providing participants with basic knowledge and tools to immerse themselves in a creative process, through which they can generate a new language to tell stories and share experiences that foster new dialogs with society.

Gifts with a cause

In Sight of Emotion we have developed a very special line of gifts with a cause where the story in each photograph transmits the voice and vision of a person with visual disability to enable it to connect with the visual world. Photography is one of the main tools that SOE uses to transform paradigms and challenge the limits of blind and visually impaired persons, in a creative and innovative way.


Our line of corporate gifts with images taken by photographers trained by SOE is a great option for companies to give their employees, executives or clients on special dates and events.


When you purchase one of these products, you support the sustainability of the organization and allow more people with visual disabilities to receive training for them to become productive members of our society.